Sunday, March 1, 2009


So every Sunday(usually) I have to go to church with my family. I don't believe in God. I think in all honesty Jesus was a cool guy who had many talents. But that's all he was, just some guy. But when he died his friends wanted to play up the hip so that they could be like,"ya, Jesus, we were best buds" or "ya I so gave Jesus the idea for that" so they would look cool. Or pick up some girl.By now people read way too much into this story. Why? We have so little proof that this kinda of stuff happened but NEVER did anything like it happen again. Thats what we call fairy tales. Stuff to give us hope, something to look forward to. Not something to live your life by. People claim "oh Im such a good christian" and then ask people if its ok to kill gay blacks in San Fransico. The teen christians drink, smoke and sleep around almost as much as a normal teen that has no bleifs and thats ok? Just because they read the bible? I DO NOT approve... I cant get my head around this though, one day our sermon is about angels. There were missonaries in Africa, and a tribe close by wanted to go on a killing spree for some reason. This tribe passed the missonaries hut because they claimed to see angels guarding their hut. So they moved on to another unsuspecting tribe and killed them all. No mercy. Only becuase they didnt know about being a christian or because they didnt want to go that route. This does not make sense. Innocent people died becuase they weren't christ followers. This is one of the stupidest things I've heard. Millions of people die all the time. Death is not discrimante on whether or not you believe in some guy who makes promises He can't freaking keep.
So my question is still posed why is this way of belief ok and accepted? Becuase we are afraid to think that if there isnt a God then what does that mean? Where will we go when we die? Who made us? Why did they make us?
All in all it comes down to can you live without knowing what will or wont happen to you if He's not up there? The answer is yes. We continue to live without understaning or knowing many of the mysteries of our universe.


  1. fear is often occured because there're things can't be explained by current science level. and at that time, we need something to calm us down. one easy thing is to "invent" something that doesn't need a scientification explaination, so there comes fate and stuff. when the whole system become mature, a religion appears.
    so as long as the science level isn't high enough to explain everything observed, there is still a need of god(s)(putting an s since there's more than one religion, i'm not talking about which is the only true one to describe the world, i'm just listing facts)

  2. I try to stay away from discussing religion with students because I feel very strongly about my opinions (I am an atheist), but I will say that from what I know of Jesus, he seemed like a good guy who wanted people to treat others with respect and equality, yet many people descriminate in his name. I think Jesus would be very dissappointed about that.