Monday, February 2, 2009


I hate to admitt this to the public but I'm a super geek about "Twilight". Im not just a geek but SUPER GEEK! You have to say it like Super Man says his name to get the full effect. Now to the point of me admitting such a crazy thing to thousands of people I don't know. So here I am at work cleaning the endless streams of hair, when I hear something on the radio about "Twilight" I don't really pay to much attention, every body still kind of mentions it from time to time, but thats when the show host says two words. These to words are like orgasmic screaming words, CASTING CALL. I drop what I'm doing and run to the back exam room this is where our radio is. I plop down on the rollie doctors chair and stair at the radio. "Thats right a casting call for the new Twilight movie. So if your Native American and love Twilight you know what to do." I went from slobbering and panting like I had rabies to blubbering like a little school with a rassberry on my knee. I was so mad. Still am, thats why I'm writing. So then I went to check online, of course while still at work I'm waiting for my boyfriend to call me for dinner, and then I see it. The golden light. The casting is still open I might be able to do it and bring my beast mobile with me. AHhhhhhh drooling again. I start to shake, the date is the 17, I think this can work, mom and dad will understand me missing a little school. Especially to just meet some people. At this point I can't stop the drool.
Thats when the next horrible thing pops up. The casting call is only for locals. FOR FREAKING LOCALS! And of course I don't happen to be a local of Orgean. GRRR...
This is my rant and rave. I think I should stop talking on my bosses dollar.
Thanks for listening.

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  1. I am a huge Harry Potter fan! I've read them all many times, I've gone to the book launches, and even have a huge sit-down dinner party when each movie opens - and I do lavish decorations. I play Harry Potter trivia online and I even have a Hermione halloween costume. I never feel ashamed of it - I just feel bad for those who don't see the glor of the boy wizard.

    With that said...don't hate me...but I can't stand Twilight. I have read the first two books, and while I think the lore that she has created for vampires is great, I think her writing is horrible. And do not see one redeeming quality in Bella. Perhaps we will have to discuss this before or after class sometime and you can try to explain the appeal to me.