Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Killer In Disguise

I bet almost everyone who knows what a veterinarian is thinks that they are a kind and compassionate person towards animals. Well I'm so sorry to burst this bubble but that is pretty far from the truth. I work at an animal hospital. Its pretty small and we have a fairly large client base which I find surpriseing. I have worked at this clinic for almost for months. The two vet techs we have are pretty caluse towards most of the animals, and the Vet Dr. really is nothing but that. I think the times that they are the worst is when a pet has died. Or when we have to put an animal down. The family can stay with the pet for as long as they think they can, which if they had it their way it would be right after the pet passed away. After the family leaves we (as in me or anyone else who the vet makes do it) go into the little exam room take the pet into the behind the scences exam room and put the animal in a garbage bag. Now this has to the most disrespectful thing to do to a dead body. It doesnt matter to them though becuase its just more money to them, they get to charge the euthenasia and the cremation of the pet. I can believe they put the pets in GARBAGE BAGS. The whole meaning behind this product is to throw AWAY things that we deam as GARBAGE, not our loved ones. The whole reason I'm writing this is so that people will be more careful in where they take their pet for love and care for a long healthy life. On this last Thursday I had work before school an old lab was put down. I agree with the fact that he was old and prbably suffering, but I alone had to carry him to where we keep the pets until the are cremated, a large freezer. He had to be at least 50 lbs of dead weight, and I accidentally dropped him. I felt really bad about that. Then shortly after him a puppy came in. A litter was born at 12 a.m.. The puppy had died it looked like becuase the mother had rolled onto the puppy. The poor thing lay on a paper plate in the back with her mouth open. She looked cold so I kept wanting to cover her, or poke her to start crying for her mother. She never did. The Vet was angrey the owner had brought in the dead puppy saying, "I don't know what they want ME to do about it." He then order the vet tech to throw the puppy away. She put the puppy in a zip lock bag and and dropped her into the garbage like the poor puppy was nothing but some used tissue paper.
So please make sure you REALLY KNOW who is taking care of you extened family.