Sunday, March 22, 2009


On Thursday I got to school and had my normally long class of strange art. I proceeded to put my stuff into my car, and get ready for Sign Language. Once I got to class there was a big hand written sign on the board. ATTENTION FEMALES- STAY AWAY FROM WAL-MART TONIGHT! Confused I looked to my friend and asked whats the deal? I already hate Wal-Mart and I'm just thinking they've committed a new atrocity. But no its not them, only gang. This gangs initiation is to go into a Wal-Mart (which one was unspecified no one knew which) and they were going to pick off three girls. Age and race not determined I don't think it really mattered. At this point I'm dumbfounded and scared to even leave the building to get to my car. To think that all you have to do to get into a tough gang is kill women at gun point. What a real man they must be. You rarely see these gangs go up against a guy as big as them. It really sickens me. To make me more nervous something else happened closer to me. My boyfriend is a shift manager at Round Table in Town Center. He usually gets home the latest at 10:30 but this Saturday night he didn't call me until 11:30. By the time he does call me I practically going insane with all the bad things that could have happened. He says he's fine a long night. Also that a guy who used to work with him came in. The guy, Zack, told my boyfriend he wanted Thomas(bf) to come to a party, right this minute. Thomas declined. We're not party people and he was at work. Zack started threatening to throw food around and then kick customers if Thomas didn't agree to go. He finally agreed just so Zack would leave. Zack grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him off the ground telling Thomas not to bullshit him. He said he wasn't. Zack then calmed down and said that he better be there or he would come back Sunday and get him. He would come back with another boy who is a neo-nazi. I was just there having lunch with him. Zack hadn't shown up but I'm terrified that he is going to wait for the store to close, and hang out there until the boys leave and try and hurt Thomas. I'm so nervous my stomach is on fire. I can't decide whether I need to pray to the porcelain god or eat a bunch of candy. I really think that as a country we are on our last legs and as a world we a gently making the final swirl in to the dead fish grave yard.


  1. Wow thats pretty messed up. you should seriously get some pepper spray or something if you can. that stuff works. really. I hope everything works out ok for you.

  2. That was all horrible, but especially that WalMart thing. I agree with you - they are just so manly and impressive for hurting women. I think our society is much too lenient on gang members.I was just in Italy this past summer where violent crime is nearly non-existent. The United States has the highest statistics for violent crime and gun deaths, so clearly we are doing everything wrong!

  3. wow that is really interesting because one day (like within the last week) i was driving home from class and i was at the missouri flat/forni stop light and there was these two groups of guys with their shirts off cussing and flipping each other off. you could tell something was happening. they hang out by that bus stop. i hope they get banned from public transportation. i was surprised to see that there werent any cops there.