Sunday, March 29, 2009


I don't really know what to about. Nothing really exciting good or bad happened this weekend. I did choke on some juice this morning while trying to scream then dropped my cigarette and burned my boob. And yes I said BOOB. So not that this is all amazing just a little insight to my cat like reflexes combined with the klutziest girl skills E V E R. I got up and went to my car to smoke. I must sit in the car because to rent the house my parents lied and said no one smoked. Well I do so to kinda cover myself I sit in the car. I was calling my friend Rachel when I noticed movement off to my left, that's when it happened. There was a man cutting a shrub dividing my yard from his. This guy was just standing there out of nowhere. IT scared the crap out of me. But in actuality I guess that's not all so hard when it comes down to it. Which is really weird, I watch some pretty scary and horrific movies you'd think it would take some effort to scare me. That is not the case, I'm so paranoid, I plot escapes from my house if zombies were to attack. Really bizarre I know. Not rational in the slightest but its the way I work. Thankfully my family, friends, and boyfriend accept this part of me and go along with it. Probably not the thing they should do but kudos for placating me. I guess.
My rant for the day. Wonderfully boring in so many ways.
Thanks for listening.

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