Saturday, April 11, 2009

Do you ever see people with dogs (or kids both apply) and the dog/kid is being really obnoxious. Dogs for example jumping all over owner, pulling excessively on leash, or endless barking, and the owner doesn't correct the behavior. Sometimes they even think its cute. To all you owners who think that IT"S NOT FREAKIN CUTE!!!! Your dog is being a menace. As most of you know I work at a vet clinic, I do all sorts of things from cleaning to assisting the vet tech and the vet. I recently had to help the vet tech with a shitzo. This dog was one of the worst I've encountered. I had to restrain the dog( this is normal if we feel the dog might bite and wiggle too much). We drew blood and the dog was growling and wiggling really bad, still not to out of the norm. We then let the dog calm down and I proceeded to restrain the dog again so the tech could get a temp. Now I totally understand this can be very uncomfortable and normally we get some whines and sometimes the dog will try to sit down. But this SHITzo, really started to thrash,growl, and snarl worse than when he got poked. We got the temp and he's still freaking out so much that I've lost my grip and I'm using his harness so he wont get loose. Then he has the gal to BITE ME! No he didn't break the skin it just stung. But this was the first time ever I had been bitten out of rage and fear. So after that he is returned to exam room where his parent is waiting. I leave to go do my laundry. When I'm outside I notice the dog walking with a stuck up looking lady, I think to myself Ya that's what I was expecting, but that's when I noticed something else. This stuck up lady who wont discipline her dog not to bite, has a 4 year old daughter as well. Ya that's gonna be wonderful when that kid has poked that dog one too many times and does get a good enough grip to break the skin. And I beat that the little girl will get in trouble not the dog. This is soooo not ok with me. If you have a dog that's grouchy and untrained that's one thing but when you put a young child and that crabby dog together that's a whole new brand of kibble. I think its also annoying how people will buy dogs that they think will be a good family dog A.K.A dalmations, shitzos, and chow chows, are some of the dogs that really have no tolerance for kids. But the dogs like, wolf and any type of bull terrier get construed as killers and dangerous. This is so not the case. On the same day I got bite by the shitzo I also had a rescued pit bull named spike. Even after being abused and left for dead, I would trust this dog no matter what. He gives nothing but affection and lives mannerly in a home with two other rescued pits and two very small boys. And as for the wolves I had two growing up, I could do anything to these dogs and they would not even think about giving me a dirty look. They protected me like I was one of their own pups. And when they did have pups I was trusted by them to watch and touch, right after they were born. On my last note, I just have to say that you could make any dog a killer and dangerous, just because some breeds got a bad rap doesn't mean its true. And besides how do you think they got that way, its the owners job to be a loving and supporting pack leader. The owner can shape the dog into any personality they want its their choice to make them a dangerous dog not the other way around.

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