Sunday, April 26, 2009


It amazes me with how many diseases and viruses that can damage the body. It also amazes me that with all these horrible things we are still thriving as a species. From the stuff we pass on to our kids to the stuff we do to ourselves and then just all the remaining viruses that change constantly. Ya sure we have all this new technology but how dies it help us when we don't even have a clue where to start. Like the new swine flu that is going around, scientist think that it could be part swine, part avian, part human. They don't have a clue about the virus only that it resembles the flu. Its getting sent to the CDC but we don't know when or if the CDC will start to analyze it. There is also talk that this virus might be a new influenza pandemic, but its to early to know. I just don't see why if this could be the virus that wipes millions of people out is there no sense of urgency. I think its kind of like herpes and syphilis some one was having sex with a pig. Yes that is where we got herpes and syphilis animals and people who couldn't figure out how to relieve sexual tension manually. Herpes is from our cousins the chimps and syphilis is from sheep. So any who, while all the official people make it seem like no biggie there are already cases in California. If that is too broad then how about this, there have been seven cases in a Fair Oaks school. The school closed down to try and help isolate sick kids but more reports are coming in. I don't know about other people but this really scares me, aside from the fact that I'm already a kind of paranoid person to begin with. We don't have any vaccines, no one knows what symptoms look like other than a flu, and no one knows about incubation periods or how it spreads. So after reading all this stuff I just wrote I was moderately concerned but not too freaked out and then I thought, What if I get sick? How am I supposed to treat it? Then I thought, O Lord if I get sick what if I get my family sick or my boyfriend? If I got my mom sick or even just carried it home, my mom could be in some serious trouble. Shes been very sick for quite some time she never gets any worse or better but she catches my dads cold my colds even my boyfriends colds really fast. Then she has a hard time getting rid of them. But if she got this virus what if she didn't have time to fight it because her body takes so much longer? Now I'm pretty scared. I just pray that the virus hasn't and wont reach up here. And if and when it does hopefully they'll have some idea about how to treat it.

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