Sunday, May 3, 2009


So as I was working on my essay last weekend I slowly diverted to other things. I kinda just need a break but then I just lost total interest in writing. So I was looking up stuff just for fun then I thought of a movie that I hadn't really seen but remembered. The movie I thought was called "Ticks" only later did I discover that its original title is "Infested". So I start just watching the movie and I am so bored yet hooked so I stay then I notice that one role is filled with an extremely young and little Seth Green. So I watch a little longer. Then this is the best part, another role is filled with guy from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Carlton. This guy is such a bad actor in general but I don't think I've ever seen someone so bad at acting in their own ethnicity. He was playing this tough ghetto kid role... Ugh so the movie goes that there is a pot farmer out in the sticks in wilderness near L.A.. This farmer is using some type of steroid to make the pot grow fast and big some how some of the steroid lands on a tick or tick egg I couldn't really tell which. Its extremely low budget. Seth and Carlton are with a group of troubled teens going into a wilderness program for summer. Nice huh? So more and more ticks come and they get bigger and badder. I haven't seen such a bad movie for a while. Although Ben Aflec and one of his other buddies did make a horror movie that was beyond this in repulsiveness by far. It was way to sexual for any type of horror movie. Even the monsters were having sex. I don't know how I come to find these movies. I honestly think they find me. Or maybe I do find them, they look interesting so I give them a chance and rent them or whatever. And then I'm just repulsed for many various reasons. Weird I know but I cant get enough of the horror flicks.

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