Sunday, April 19, 2009

Liar and the Lamb

So every Sunday I go to church with my parents. I do this to keep peace in the house. They found God, I still am not convinced and the church goers aren't making it any easier. I know these people are still people and everyone of course has flaws and bad habits, but wow these people just plain suck. So on Easter Sunday my mom volunteered us to help with the day care. I said yes because I thought we were going to be with infants and toddlers. No of course not we're with the preschoolers. Not all the kids were horrible actually most were pretty nice, but there has got to be one stick in the mud right? This little girl has got to be an only child, she would not listen to any of the helpers. Telling us "NO" more than once then going off and stealing others kids toys. Their Sunday School class ended and the kids got to play a bit before their parents came. My mom and I started to talk we both agreed that the little girl was a snobby brat. We then notice the little girl pushing a kid size fire engine around in circles almost colliding with another little kid every time she made a round. I told my mom that I had the horrible urge to stick my foot out to stop her. I decided better on it. I notice my mom walking in the direction of the little girl, and then she did it. The little girl came to a screeching halt and rammed her head into the truck not too hard just enough to piss her off. My mom played it off like it was an accident. Now before you think my mom and I totally horrible people the little girl went into other frenzies that I didn't mention just for times sake. OK so after that I then have to go sit through service. Only they have very few seats left and no one will move their crap over so me and my family could sit together. People saved up to a whole row for themselves and "Friends". They couldn't even work it out to help a family of three. This church pisses me off, the people and their kids treat you like crap, the parking lot is a battle Field, and these people who are supposed to have good morals let their teeny bopping daughters dress like tramps, and at CHURCH no less. Ya these people are awesome. So long as they go to church, pray, and don't cuss they think that they can make up lost time for being dicks. It just bothers me that people claim to be good Christians and they do stuff like this. I went to the Sacramento Church for the Deaf today. I haven't met a group of Christians who were so kind, welcoming, and patient. I wonder if having a struggle like they do is all it takes to really become a humble kind person. Because if so I'm going to turn up the music super loud from now on.

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